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1925 Keuffel and Esser Slide Rule Model N4053-3

1925 Keuffel and Esser Slide Rule Model N4053-3

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This is a vintage Keuffel and Esser Slide Ruler, model N4053-3. Made in the 1940s, the 10" slide rule was constructed on a mahogany wood frame with a celluloid overlay laminated surface.

The rule is in very good condition with little graphic loss. The rule has no chips or scratches. Original case is included, lots of wear on the case, the model number is embossed on the detached tab cover, as is the K&E name, interior has original owner's name and address. The case measures 11" tall by 2" wide at top rim.

Rule Details:
K&E N4053-3 S/N 600751
Made in U.S.A.
Patents - 1.934.232

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