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Vintage View Master with 10 3D Photo Reels

Vintage View Master with 10 3D Photo Reels

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This is a fun 3-D View-Master with reels, circa 1980s View-Master Photo Viewer. A working GAF View-Master made of red plastic and 10 photo reels.

In addition to the working View-Master, also included are 10 Photo Reels and an original order form. Subject matter includes:

The Real Ghostbusters- 3 reels
The Aristocrats - 3 reels
The Partridge Family - 3 reels
Preview Picture Tour of the Ancient World

The View Master and the slides are in vintage condition all were working in the viewer, although several reels are brittle and worn. The reels are so enjoyable to view, they appear 3-D, certainly a wonderful invention for its time.

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