How old is antique?

For this website, antique is an item estimated to be 100 years or older.  Given the nature of antiques, age may be based on research if the item is unmarked.  

How old is vintage?

An item is considered vintage if the age is estimated to be older than 20 years.   Attempt to determine an accurate age is always dependent on research.  

What is a collectible?

A collectible is an item, it may be new, vintage or antique, that has a following of collectors.  A good example may be sports cards or figurines.

Do you buy?

At this time, I do not buy.

Do you provide valuations?

No, I'm not a licensed appraiser.

Can you help me locate an item?

Yes, please contact me and I will try to find what you are seeking.

Are your items warrantied or guaranteed?

No, due to the nature of vintage and antiques, all items are sold as is.  All mechanical and electric items are sold as non-working.  Please review the descriptions.  Contact us if you have any questions prior to purchasing.  Please visit our return policy for more information.

Thanks very much for checking out the shop!