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Antique Pinkham & Smith Eyeglasses and Case

Antique Pinkham & Smith Eyeglasses and Case

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An antique Pinkham & Smith eyeglasses and a leather case. The spectacles are made of silvertone metal and clear lenses with magnification. The brown leather case is embossed in Gold, Pinkham & Smith, Prescription Opticians, 288 & 290 Boylston St., and 13 1/2 Bromfield St., Boston.

The spectacles and case are in antique condition, the spectacles have rust and heavily scratched, the edges of the eyeglass case are worn.

The case measures 6 3/4" long by 1 3/4" wide, the spectacles fit snugly inside.

Pinkham & Smith are better known for their camera lenses. The opticians were known for their interest in multiple uses for magnified glass. A nice piece of history.

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