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1954 Pickett 1010-T Trig Duplex Slide Rule

1954 Pickett 1010-T Trig Duplex Slide Rule

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The vintage metal Pickett slide rule is in very good condition with little graphic loss and minor wear. The copyright 1954 slide rule has the round Pickett logo and is marked Pickett $ Eckel. The cursor is still clear with no chips and some scratches, one replacement screw. Ephemera, original box, and leather case is included, with some age appropriate wear, the case is marked Pickett, California Saddle Leather. The case measures approximately 12 1/2" tall by 2 1/2" wide at top rim.

Pickett & Eckel 1010-T Duplex
Front Scale (Artwork #74): K, A [ B, ST, T Cot, S Cos, C ] D, DI
Back Scale (Artwork #271): DF [ CF, CIF, CI, C ] D, L
Note features: Metal Bar Cursor, Rounded Braces, Triangle Logo

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