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Vintage Mayflower's Cheese Box

Vintage Mayflower's Cheese Box

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This vintage wooden box originally held Mayflower's Cream Cheese, Boston, Massachusetts. The wood box measures approximately 10 3/4" long x 3" high and 3 1/2" deep.

The wood box is nailed together, and includes an interior divider. The box has red graphics, legible, but faint:

Front and Back
3 lbs net
It's Pasteurized
Heifer Brand
Cream Cheese
Vegetable Gum Added

The Mayflower Creamery Co., Inc. 76-82 Midway St, Boston

Mayflower's Heifer Brand Cream Cheese

The box has a great patina with age appropriate wear and tear. Looks great on a wide window sill with potted herbs or flowers, also useful for desktop storage. A nice set of Americana, back when grocery packaging was saved for decades.

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